Education materials



Flint, V.E. 2003. 101 Questions About Cranes. Mini-Encyclopedia. Moscow.
P. 1-36.(in Russian)    [PDF 2,477 KB]







Ilyashenko, E.I., Kiseleva, N.Yu. (compilers). 2011. Materials for Crane Celebration.
Second edition. Moscow, 228 (in Russian)    [PDF 4,935 KB]





Calendar with pictures by Russian artist Sergei Pogonin [PDF 4,885 KB]


Siberian Crane Festival in Salekhard, 2005     [PDF 3,057 KB]
Crane Celebration   [PDF  3, 314 KB]


Siberian Crane, 2005 (in English [PDF 213 KB]), (in Russian [PDF 1,987 KB]), (in Farsi [PDF 3,204]), (in Dari [PDF 2,904KB]), (in Pashto [PDF 2,120 KB]), (in Azer [PDF 6,892]), (in Turkmen [PDF 1,466 KB]), and (in Uzbek [PDF 2,524 KB])

 Siberian Crane Posters [PDF 1,750 KB]


Siberian Crane sticker under UNEP/GEF Siberian Crane Wetlands Project
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Crane Day sticker, 2003  




Crane Day sticker, 2004
[Gallery not found]

 Crane Day sticker, 2005
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