Cracid & Crane Breeding and Conservation Center

In the Cracid & Crane Breeding and Conservation Center (CBCC) in Belgium, a large number of cracids and other birds of the neotropical forest are kept, together with almost all species of cranes, birds of wetlands and savannah.

Besides the coordination and funding of other conservation projects of Crax International, the center is responsible for the training of biologists, bird keepers and other persons working in the projects in the country of origin of the birds.

Above this, an important task of the CBCC is to develop artificial reproduction techniques and extend their applications in order to guarantee the genetic diversity in small populations of endangered birds like the Siberian Crane and the White-winged Guan, species which almost disappeared from their natural habitat.

Several people from the Oka Crane Breeding Center, Russia, and from Pakistan already had the opportunity to visit CBCC and to learn more about their management, husbandry and breeding of cranes.

Besides the yearly structural support for already many years and recently the funding of the reconstruction of breeding facilities at the OCBC, CBCC is supporting (practical and financial) Crane Conservation Projects all over the world.


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